Available dates for your mobile painting party from Art by Jess. I'm a Social Artworking consultant, and I'll bring the party to you! This is only available in Wyoming County, Southern Erie, and Southern Genesee county (New York). 

OPEN DATES: (Each party is 3.5 hours includes setup and departure time)

Friday November 2 - Start time 6:00pm
Saturday November 3 - 1:00pm or 5:00 pm.

Friday November 9 - Start time 5:00 pm. 



Do I need to know how to paint? What if I have never painted before? 

Our parties are designed to be fun and relaxing, and perfect for any skill level. Our simplified step-by-step method makes it easy to paint. While I will provide you with instructions and some technique, it is not a painting instructional class. It is designed so that you can easily fix any mistakes and cover up any slips along the way, so that you will leave with a painting you will be proud of. 

Do I need any drawing ability? Can I change the painting from the sample?

No. We provide a template that you simply trace over to make sure everyone starts with the same painting. After that, it is up to you to create the painting and let your creative juices flow! Unlike an instructional lesson class, painting parties let you change colors and create the painting the way YOU want it to be.