Popsockets are a great way to hold your phone, position your iPad, or help you with your device. These little grip accessories attach to your phone, or handheld device to help you hold it, grip it, and also can make it a stand. They make your phone more comfortable to hold, without the feeling that you are going to constantly drop it. When not in use, these collapse flat against the back.

 The small circular disk (popsocket) has a plastic cap on one side, and a round sticky pad on the other. The sticky pad sticks to your phone or case and the plastic capped side is what we get to design. In between the 2 pads, there is a circular rubber stand that can be compressed so the pop socket can lay flat, or expand out for your fingers to slide around for an easier way to grip your phone. 

While you can find these at chain stores, our Popsocket designs are exclusive to Art by Jess, as they were designed by me. Please feel free to browse all the designs below, or type a keyword in the search bar to pull up all the designs in a particular theme. (i.e. "Dog")

Not finding that perfect one? Or perhaps you would like a photo placed on your Popsocket? We can do that too. Visit our contact page and leave me a message!